The company was founded by Çaldır family in 1990 in Antalya, Finike and it laterextended to Kumluca and Elmalı in 2020 and 2015, respectively. Currently, we export to more than 10 countries.


About Us

The long leading experience in the business has consistently allowed us to the lead of market.

With the responsibility that brought,we export the best fruits and vegetables both inside and outside of Türkiye not only at the best and most affordable price but also in the quickest time.

Why Choose Us


All fruits and vegetables are purchased by our company from the local farmers who follow chemical EU regulations and are bound by health agreements before exporting to other countries.

In case of any health issues, the fruits and vegetables we export can be thoroughly traced.Additionally, the products are transported in suitable vehicles for export by either air or road.


Bağlık Mahallesi, Kumluca Toptancı Hali, I Blok No:2/21 07350 Kumluca/Antalya/TÜRKİYE
Telefon: 0242 889 12 00

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